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E-Klaz Profit Ltd.

E-Klaz Profit Ltd.

Client-Focused Educational Consulting Firm

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Who We Are

E-Klaz Profit Ltd. is an educational consulting company in London, England with branches in Nigeria and an affiliate company in Canada. We pride ourselves on being the right choice for all educational needs, with several years of experience in recruiting overseas and home students for schools in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Amsterdam, Malaysia, Australia, Grenada, Poland, Canada, and Nigeria.

While our fleet of services includes, but not limited to, recruiting students for universities and colleges, we equally provide training and arrange educative vocational programs to fit into our client’s specific needs and wants, leaving them with a lifetime and informative experience of pleasure and satisfaction.

E-Klaz Profit Ltd. exhibits a service-oriented culture. We do our best to make our clients happy and boost our continuous relationship with them. As part of our business culture, we guarantee our clients a consistent, outstanding service performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide educational initiatives that will allow 

students to:

  • Achieve Their Dreams Faster in Less Time
  • Enjoy the Process to Their Beautiful Destination
  • Manage Their Expectations
  • Be Equipped Properly for Each Move They Make
  • Cut Expenses Without Sacrificing Quality

List of Schools We Represent

  • Adcote School
  • Basis International University - USA
  • Cambridge Group of School
  • Everthought Education
  • Limkokwing University Malaysia
    • Myddelton College
    • Northumbria University
    • QA Group of School
    • Roehampton University
    • Silver Trowel Trade Training
  • Solent Southampton University
  • St. George’s University – Grenada
  • The University of the West of Scotland
  • Ulster University
  • Winsor Education

Awards Received

                  • QA Higher Education Top Agent
                  • Certified QA Higher Education Representative - Platinum Award 2018

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